Voluntary discomfort

The farm workers snickered as I plodded past them.

Rightly so. They were doing the real work. I was some guy taking his pet kettlebell for a walk up the mountain.

Want to rest the grip? Weight overhead and keep walking. This is not advised on the steeper slopes.

Want more grip? There’s no chalk. Wipe the mud off and let the damp briefly dry in the sun.

I stick to the dirt paths because you can’t dump the weight on the brick road. Dumping the weight is satisfying. It nearly rolled into a ravine once.

Some kilometres later, I return to the cottage, depleted yet rejuvenated. The forearms are pulsing. I feel rugged.

The shower is more enjoyable than it would have been had I not gone out. I scrub my face with the expensive exfoliant I’m not allowed to use. I announce loudly that I am using the expensive exfoliant, and that I am worth it.

The forecast for tomorrow is rain.